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Welcome to Twitch Chat Replay


Twitch Chat Replay is a chat replay tool for the TwitchPresents anime marathons. Using TCR you can enjoy all of the enthusiasm and energy that thousands of viewers bring to your favorite anime.
TCR only displays chat messages. You must watch the shows with a separate video player or website.


  1. Prepare your video player
  2. Start the TCR extension
  3. Using the Anime drop down choose the anime
  4. Using the Episode drop down choose the episode
  5. Using the seek bar make sure TCR is synced with your video player
  6. Press play!

VLC Connection

As of extension version 0.9.6 VLC http connection is supported. When using this feature TCR will automatically sync chat with playback. Upon startup, details of the file VLC is playing are detected and TCR loads the appropriate chat log so all you need to do is press 'play' Kreygasm

Interactive Visualizations

If you like playing around with data check out some chat data examples on the parser page.

Latest Update

Major Update (with 3 more titles)